Skincare Consultations


As a Cosmetic Scientist with a biomedical science background; over the years I have worked with clients to help tailor a personalised skin care routine for their skin type, addressing their needs and problems. I harness my knowledge and experience gained within the cosmetic industry to tailor a personal routine to YOU.

With skincare, it can be quite daunting picking up a face cream and trying to understand what all the ingredients functions are; or whether the active ingredient is present at a percentage level where it’s functional and effective.

Also, a product may have all the right ingredients at the required concentration levels; this does not necessarily mean it’s been formulated using an effective delivery system that can deliver its core active ingredients to the right area required within the layers of skin. Formula is KEY.

A lot of active ingredients used in skincare consist of large molecules that make them difficult to transport into the required layer of the skin; so an effective delivery system needs to be coupled with the right formulation to have an effective formula. If the combination of the active ingredient and delivery system does not work together in synergy, this will result in a low efficacy formula.

As a cosmetic scientist, I have the knowledge and background to read between the marketing jargon and determine what product works best at a cost effective level and how these interact within the skin’s cellular structures.

So how does it work?

We start by having a 1hr face to face consultation make-up free to discuss your skin type, needs and concerns.

I will then curate a new skincare routine for you based on your needs and budget, this is normally within a couple of weeks after our initial consultation. The routine will consist of products to buy, how and when these products should be used and more importantly why these products have been specifically selected for you.



*Sample of an AM routine. Instagram – aminaajayi*

I can’t stress how important it is that these routines are adhered to.

I always recommend a follow up consultation after six weeks into the routine so we can see what improvements there are, what’s potentially working and what’s not.

I know how impatient we can all be and the need to see instant/immediate results. When you start using a new product please note that it could take about 6-12 weeks for significant changes to occur. It’s a process and it takes time and dedication, especially when it comes to certain problems such as skin pigmentation and dehydration. If you are in the habit of using a different product every other month because none of it has been working for you, this could be your problem – You haven’t stuck with it long enough to see results!!!


“There is no one rule when it comes to beauty; It’s not a one size fits all. It’s ever-changing and constantly evolving. I’ve always been an advocate of experimentation; study your skin, know what works for YOU.”


For further information and enquiries; please get in touch via our contact page.